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The easiest way to pick a common mode EMI choke!

Our new Common Mode Choke Finder  locates the perfect part in  seconds.

Search by impedance, attenuation or inductance over your exact frequency range. The results are all on one page: specifications, CM and DM filtering, part photos, pricing and more.

Best of all, you can compare the response of up to 6 different parts, all plotted on the same graph!



Soft-saturating inductors offer excellent
current handling and ultra-low DCR

The soft saturation characteristic of the MLC75xx Series makes them ideal for VRM/VRD designs and other applications with occasional overcurrent requirements. Proprietary materials prevent the thermal aging issues of other iron powder core inductors.

Tiny shielded inductors handle up to 3.75 Amps

Coilcraft’s XPL2010 Series of ultra-small, magnetically shielded power inductors combine excellent current handling, DCR as low as 0.027 Ohms and inductance values up to 220 µH in a package that measures just 1.9 X 2.0 mm.

High-temp inductors are rated up to 98 Amps

XAL1010 Series shielded power inductors combine excellent current handling and DCR as low as 0.45 mOhms in a rugged, molded package. They are AEC-Q200 Grade 1 qualified (-40°C to +125°C) for harsh automotive environments.